Aug 9, 2010

MythBuster Mondays: In case you missed these..

Over the past couple of months we have talked about a few skin care myths and whether they were true or false. Just in case you missed these here's an overview of our Monday Mythbusters!

Myth: Does a Day at the Beach Help Your Skin?:

Overall, the combination of sunshine and ocean water (or just salt water) is a great idea to try several times a month when the weather is warm. So the next time you wonder if you should spend a day at the beach, go, just remember moderation and good judgment is key! Find out the pros and cons of a day at the beach...  

Myth: Do the beverages you drink really affect your skin? 

Soda: Clogs Pores and dehydrates skin
Alcohol: Dilates Blood Vessels, and dehydrates skin

Water: Hydrates skin, and flushes out toxins
Green Tea: Reduces the risk of cancer, and rejuvenates skin cells

Myth: Does Your Hair Cause Acne?

When you have long hair, especially bangs, it leaves the oils on your face, clogging your pores. This is in addition to the oils that your face normally produces. Some tips to avoid having your hair cause acne on your face:                                                               Read Full Article

Myth: Does Toothpaste REALLY Help Clear Up Acne?

The answer is Yes, well technically....  When toothpaste is applied to the pimple, it dehydrates it and absorbs oil. The alcohol which aids the drying of the spot and fluoride which produces burning, can be a deadly combination for sensitive skin. BEWARE, it can result in burns, extremely dry and flaky skin, and irritation.Instead of using toothpaste, a good substitute would be...

Any Myths you want us to bust? Let us know!


Caitlin said...

Very helpful post. Thanks for sharing.

Sandra Bartlett said...

I think there is some truth in that toothpaste helps with acne, it can also help with skin whitening I've heard.

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