Jun 7, 2010

Mythbuster Monday: Do the beverages you drink really affect your skin?

Does soda really cause breakouts? Does alcohol affect your skin? Is water good for preventing breakouts? What else can I drink besides water to help my skin? These are all questions you have probably asked at one time or another, so let's put some truth to these rumors.

So you go to the fridge and you see that nice cold soda you might want to think before you grab it.
Is soda really bad for your skin or do people just say that?

Clogs Pores
Due to the high quantity of sugar found in soda, it can pollute your system with toxins. As a result your body will try and cleanse by ridding the toxins through your pores, which can cause breakouts.

While that caffeine may be that extra boost of energy you need it is a diuretic which causes the body to excrete water. This can cause dehydration not only for your body but your skin too!

It's been a long day and you want to unwind after work, on the beach with a beer, a glass of wine, or you're having a night out knocking back a few margaritas no harm right! You work hard, you deserve it! But while it may feel great that night, your skin won't be thanking you tomorrow.

Dilates Blood Vessels
Alcohol can be detrimental to your skin, especially when done excessively. Alcohol dilates blood vessels in the skin. Therefore every time you take a drink the vessels remain dilated causing your skin to appear red and blotchy.

Alcohol also dehydrates your body and your skin which leaves you feeling dry, and in some cases your face looking flushed.

Alright so you shouldn't drink soda or alcohol, so what should you drink?

While water may not be full of flavor, it has tons of benefits especially for your skin.

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is recommended to keep your skin properly hydrated. This will maintain your skin looking healthy, fresh and young.

Flushes Out Toxins
When your body is built up with toxins, it tries to find a way to excrete them, which can be through the pores. Drinking water can help reduce this by flushing out those harmful toxins.

If you can't drink water all the time and want to add some flavor to your drink try green tea.

Reduces Risk of Skin Cancer
Due to its high content of anti-oxidants, green tea has many benefits for your skin. These benefits include protecting your skin from harmful ultraviolet lights, which causes up to 90% of skin aging. Since it is protecting your skin from the UV rays, it is reducing your risk of skin cancer as well.

Rejuvenates Skin Cells
At the end of the skin cell's life cycle, green tea has been proven to help regenerate new skin cells. Green Tea helps fight signs of aging with the help of Vitamins E & C (antioxidants).

So put down the soda and limit your alcohol intake.Not only will your skin thank you, your waist line will to.


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