Apr 30, 2010

Glycolic Acid Peels at Home

The average cost for an in office Glycolic Acid Peel is $125.  This can add up as, on average, you will need 6-8 peels before you start to see results. But there is good news, Glycolic Acid Peels can be done at home using the same products with the same strengths used by professionals but at a much reduced price.

When deciding to do an at home Glycolic Acid Peel you should do your research. If its your first time make sure to use a lower strength.  Natural Skin Shop has kits ranging from  20% light strength all the way up to the 70% maximum strength. 

Using Glyolic Acid Peel Kits rather than just the medical grade chemical peel itself is also a wise choice. Kits have been put together to provide the best overall results and the quickest healing time. Applying a peel can produce dramatic results - shedding dead, damaged cells and replacing them with new, softer skin for a more even skin tone and youthful appearance. To perform a treatment that will fully enhance the natural turnover process, you must also treat the skin during the "downtime", otherwise known as the period between peels. 

If you are interested in learning more about how a Glycolic Acid Peel can help improve your skin visit or contact one of our helpful skin experts on Facebook (Kim or Kristen) or call toll free 888.514.5126 Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm  EST. 

Apr 29, 2010

Skin Care Tips For Cancer Patients & Survivors

If you have, or are now going through cancer treatments you know what havoc it reeks on your skin.  I remember my skin literally peeling off when I tried to shower. In fact, at one point my mother took me to a spa as a treat. The plan was to get my hair cut and eye brows waxed. For some reason no one mentioned to the salon that I was undergoing radiation and chemo therapy. Because I looked like a cancer patient the esthetician asked me a very important questions, "do you have cancer and if so are you undergoing treatment?" 

Well the answer was of course yes and that's when I realized what a huge disaster I had just avoided. If I had gone through with the eye brow waxing I would have lost all the skin along with any eyebrow hairs I had. Read more about this on my former post: Note To Self: Do NOT Wax Eyebrows When Getting Chemo.

So what should you be doing to take care of skin during and after cancer treatments?  Skin can become very dry after treatments and that means the focus should be on hydrating the largest organ in your body.  There are several ways to keep skin hydrated so as to avoid lines, wrinkles and that sickly yellow skin color.

1) Drink plenty of water and eat raw fruits and vegetables high in anti oxidants

2) Try 100% chemical and preservative free moisturizers like Dr. Beckers 

3) Avoid invasive or harsh facial services and replace them with light massages.

4) Use products that are similar to your skins own natural oils. Squalane moisturizers are great as they the finest, most delicate moisturizers available in the world.

If you have more questions about what types of products you should be using the esthetician at can help you. Just visit and click on live chat button.

Apr 28, 2010

Vitamin C Treatment Kit Giveaway

We are excited to announce a great giveaway happening on our Facebook Fanpage.

Vitamin C has been proven to prevent and reverse the signs of aging. Give your skin the nourishment it needs to stay healthy and retain a youthful glow with Vitamin C skin care.  The Natural Skin Shop Vitamin C Treatment Kit includes:
  1. Vitamin C AHA Cleanser 4oz: gentle cleanser for all skin types, combined with Anti-Aging L-Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) and mild Alpha Hydroxy Acids.
  2. Vitamin C Potent Serum 27%: Formulated to reduce the signs of aging and help protect the youthfulness of your skin. Especially recommended for eye and lip areas.
  3. Vitamin C High Potency Cream 1oz: a luxurious facial moisturizing cream. Formulated with concentrated anti-oxidant nourishment for a youthful and radiant glow.
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Apr 27, 2010

Glycolic Acid & Skin Care Products - What it is, How it helps & Why you should try it

For those of you who have never heard of Glycolic Acid Skin Care Products listen up this will change the way you treat your skin!


Glycolic Acid is a natural product derived from sugar cane and is fantastic for exfoliation and moisturizing of the skin.  It is the smallest a-hydroxy acid (AHA) and is both colorless and odorless.  


Dermatologists and estheticians have been utilizing glycolic acid as an effective and proven tool in the fight against the aging process for decades. Alpha hydoxy acid peels, such as Glycolic help to reveal a younger, healthier looking skin by stimulating collagen and elastin growth, and accelerating the skin renewal process. Additionally, Glycolic Acid can be combined with other peeling agents, such as Salicylic Acid (this process is referred to as an Alpha-Beta Peel) for enhanced results. 


Glycolic peels are the perfect choice for at-home use with proper preparation, application, and post-treatment care. For those unfamiliar with at-home Glycolic treatments, we recommend using one of our daily care kits to get started.

If you have any questions about Glycolic Acid please leave a comment and we will be sure to get back to you.

Apr 25, 2010

Start Your Day Off With Green Tea Cleanser...Take Care Of Your Skin

Natural Skin Shop's Green Tea Cleanser is formulated for all skin types to effectively remove excess facial residue and deeply clean pores. The cleansing technology behind Green Tea provides a non-greasy facial and body treatment that removes excess oil and residue purifying the skin without irritating the skin.

Apr 24, 2010

One Click = $1 for Earth Day Network

Today is the last day to help us raise money for Earth Day Network. All it takes is a simple click and in return we will donate $1 to this amazing nonprofit.

Natural Skin Shop believes in giving back by helping those organizations that make our world a better place. Our products are made using the finest ingredients so your skin can look its best.  With all the pollution in today's environment its important to take special care of your skin.

Become a Fan/Like Natural Skin Shop's Facebook Fanpage today and we will donate $1 to Earth Day Network.  Suggest your friends do the same so that we can donate even more.

Stop by Natural Skin Shop to learn more about products that will help protect you against environmental skin damage. Try one of our Green Tea Skin Care Products, they fight and defend off free radicals, neutralize damage done due to exposure to UV rays, as well as, rejuvenate and restore skin cells.

Apr 14, 2010


“Repairing the Photodamage of Yesterday for a Brighter Tomorrow”
--Kristina Holland-Natural Skin Shop’s skin-savvy writer (& biggest fan!)—

Photodamage…the name says it all! Photodamage is the direct effect of excessive exposure to harmful UV radiation resulting in the cellular deterioration of both the dermis and epidermis. Photodamage is the leading cause of premature aging both in men and women. Repairing the damage that has been done and stopping photodamage in its tracks is the key to healthy, beautiful skin.

“Run Spot...RUN!”

Photodamage can frequently be ‘spotted’ from afar due to its telltale and “tell all” attributes. A brown spot here, a wrinkle there and a bit of sagging everywhere. It’s an obvious and unfortunate offender to one’s beauty and health. As a leading expert in skin wellness, Natural Skin Shop has witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of sun-damage. What once was an even, bright and porcelain-like complexion can turn to the “dark side”…quite literally! Hyperpigmented, blotchy, dull, wrinkled and lacking crucial elasticity… the adverse symptoms of photodamage never cease to end. However, not all hope is lost in the sands of time. The key to repairing sun-damaged skin is simple and straightforward… or rather straight-backward!
Put your skin care regime into full-speed… REVERSE!

*Antioxidants: Free-radicals are molecular scavengers produced by UV radiation, which interfere with the intricate stability and performance of the skin’s DNA. Antioxidants fend off harmful free-radicals and avert the breakdown of collagen and elastin. Avoid free-radical damage by incorporating potent antioxidants such as Peel Rx Green Tea Anti-Oxidant Serum into a high-performance skin care regime.

*Chemical Peels: The results achieved from skin peels containing the alpha hydroxy acid, glycolic acid, simply cannot be beat in terms of skin-renewal! Glycolic acid peels are the preeminent source for mature and photodamaged skin in terms of rejuvenation and sun-damage reversal. Glycolic acid reverses photoaging by simultaneously eliminating abnormal skin cells while stimulating healthy dermal fibers thereby increasing skin elasticity and uniformity.

*Sunscreen: Broad-spectrum sunscreens prevent photodamage by deflecting and/or safely absorbing ultraviolet rays. Sunscreens offering a comprehensive blend of both chemical and physical sunscreens are the ideal form of sun-protection. Natural Skin Shop recommends Peel Rx Green Tea SPF 30+ Moisturizer.
(For more information on UV radiation and sun protection, please also see the two-part blog from Natural Skin Shop titled “The Good, The Bad and The Burned”.)

*Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid): Antioxidant-rich vitamin C is renowned for its ability to take control of a blotchy and uneven skin situation. Vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, safeguards against harmful free-radicals AND decreases inflammation associated with UV radiation. By targeting concentrated areas of melanin, this multitasking vitamin will reveal clear, luminous, glowing skin! Natural Skin Shop recommends the C-Rx Potent Topical C Treatment Pack.

The Photodamage Blame Game

*Melasma! Although melasma is directly related to fluctuating hormones, UV radiation exposure is its one and only trigger. (For more information on melasma and what you can do to treat it, please also see the Natural Skin Shop Blog titled “The Stain of Melasma”.)

*Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation! What makes the relics of an acne breakout impossible to fade? Of course, none other than sun exposure!

*Wrinkles and Fine Lines! Sun damage breaks down the skin’s structural support frame (the dermis) by deteriorating essential collagen and elastin fibers. The delicate intracellular structure of dermis doesn’t stand a chance against powerful UV rays!

*Lentigines (Liver Spots!) You don’t have to be a skin expert to know that sun damage makes you see spots! Those spots medically referred to as “lentigines” and casually denoted as “liver” or “brown spots” are concentrated clusters of melanin brought out by the skins “fight” response to injury from the sun.

*Seborrheic Keratosis! Although these mole-like skin growths are benign to your health, they can be particularly harmful to your looks. It is no surprise that sun damage manifests these clusters of pigmented and abnormal skin cells. (Be sure to have any and all abnormal moles checked out by a medical professional to rule out malignant growths).

*Freckles! Freckles are genetic, however the degree and quantity of freckles is wholly dependent on the extent of photodamage.

*Elastosis (Sagging)! A droopy appearance can’t be blamed entirely on gravity! Much ado about skin sagging can be simplified by looking towards the sun for answers.

*Acne and Rosacea! Photodamage breaks down the skin’s immune system, increases sebum production, debilitates the strength of the fragile lipid barrier and encourages the proliferation of skin infections. Now that’s a powerful recipe for both acne and rosacea!

*Hyperpigmentation/Hypopigmentation! Melanocytes are pumped into high gear during both short-lived (acute) and extended (chronic) episodes of sun-exposure. A discrepancy in melanin distribution, such as hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation, is the end result of photodamage.

Of course, photodamage can’t be blamed for every skin flaw or imperfection under the sun’s powerful rays. Pollution and smoke, genetics, oxidation, wayward cosmetics as well as ill health and stress are also huge factors in the development of many a skin’s concern. However, the fact is sun damage only makes matters worse…much worse! Aging skin is a part of life, however, it doesn’t have to be premature or harmful to your health and well being. Remember, “everything in moderation” is not only an admirable principle to live by, but also an excellent philosophy to glow by! The sun is a wonderful and very necessary component of all living life… be sure to use it wisely!

Say No to High Noon or “Peak Hours”
Say No to Unstable and Limited Sunscreens
Say No to Tanning Beds
Say No to Incidental Sun Exposure


Say Yes to Wide-Brimmed Hats
Say Yes to Protective Clothing
Say Yes to Broad-Spectrum Sunscreens
Say Yes to Sunglasses
Say Yes to Limited & Healthy Doses of Sun Exposure (Hello Vitamin D!)
Say Yes to Antioxidants (Inside and out!)

Photodamage doesn’t just harm one’s looks…it also places a huge burden on total health and wellbeing. Natural Skin Shop recommends regular physical exams with a certified dermatologist to scan for cancerous and pre-cancerous growths. Early detection is the key to beautiful, healthy skin! Self-exams are a proactive way to stay on top of your inner and outer health in-between professional visits.

Say Yes to Glowing, Beautiful, Healthy Skin!
Natural Skin Shop

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