Apr 30, 2010

Glycolic Acid Peels at Home

The average cost for an in office Glycolic Acid Peel is $125.  This can add up as, on average, you will need 6-8 peels before you start to see results. But there is good news, Glycolic Acid Peels can be done at home using the same products with the same strengths used by professionals but at a much reduced price.

When deciding to do an at home Glycolic Acid Peel you should do your research. If its your first time make sure to use a lower strength.  Natural Skin Shop has kits ranging from  20% light strength all the way up to the 70% maximum strength. 

Using Glyolic Acid Peel Kits rather than just the medical grade chemical peel itself is also a wise choice. Kits have been put together to provide the best overall results and the quickest healing time. Applying a peel can produce dramatic results - shedding dead, damaged cells and replacing them with new, softer skin for a more even skin tone and youthful appearance. To perform a treatment that will fully enhance the natural turnover process, you must also treat the skin during the "downtime", otherwise known as the period between peels. 

If you are interested in learning more about how a Glycolic Acid Peel can help improve your skin visit or contact one of our helpful skin experts on Facebook (Kim or Kristen) or call toll free 888.514.5126 Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm  EST. 


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