Jan 25, 2010

“BABY IT’S COLD OUTSIDE”… With Natural Skin Shop dry skin is bound to go ‘way!

By Kristina Holland-Natural Skin Shop skin savvy writer (& biggest fan!)


Unless you’re living in the Southern Hemisphere…you (and your skin) know the winter season is here. This arid albeit invigorating time of year can make or break your complexion…. figuratively and literally! The dry climate can parch skin of essential moisture thereby weakening or fracturing the intracellular strength of the ceramide barrier. Averting moisture loss all year-round is essential for the consistent health and beauty of your skin. A cohesive daily skin care regimen consisting of gentle cleansing, abundant hydration and moderate exfoliation ensures your skin is in tip-top shape and prepared to handle the onset of frigid temperatures. Individuals with pre-existing conditions, such eczema or psoriasis, are particularly vulnerable to harsh climates and require added protection from the elements.


Sulfate-free and PH balanced cleansers, such as Lumirance Lotion Cleanser, are ideal for winter…fall, summer and spring! A gentle daily cleanser will thoroughly remove pore-clogging debris without the unnecessary side effect of dehydration. Paraben-free moisturizers with a healthy dose of hyaluronic acid, such as Hilton Becker MD 100% Chemical and Preservative Free Moisturizer, are particularly beneficial during the winter season. Hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance found in the skin, restores strength and vitality to an impaired barrier. Due to an unhealthy combination of inadequate exfoliation and dermal dehydration, skin exposed to frosty weather often appears chapped, dull and flaky. Don’t let the winter season deter you from exfoliating on a regular basis! Skin Peels are an effective form of chemical exfoliation, which eradicate dead skin cells without disturbing the skin’s normal intracellular matrix. In fact, Glycolic Acid Peels enhance suppleness and elasticity by accelerating the cellular turnover rate thereby improving the skin’s capacity for sustaining hydration.

“Tis the Winter Season to be Jolly, Bright and Beautiful!”

Jan 19, 2010


When it comes to skin…the household adage couldn’t be more akin to Natural Skin Shop!

Have you ever sneaked a peak to the backside of a mainstream beauty cream only to discover a lengthy list of peculiar ingredients, which sound the least bit “soothing” or “invigorating”? Never mind the English language, these ingredients defy the basic laws of chemistry! More often than not, commercial skin care products are loaded with cheap fillers and harmful additives. So…what exactly are you purchasing? Unfortunately, in most cases, the consumer is paying a superfluous amount for fancy advertising and extravagant packaging. The end result: A hefty bill and skin that has yet to reap the benefits…

Make the most of your complexion by becoming an ingredient whiz! High-grade, safe and effective skin care ingredients ensure real results without the risk of irritation. Always check an ingredient label before purchasing a product to determine if it’s right for you…

  • Parabens: Toxic and harsh! Not all preservative are created equal!
  • Hydroquinone: A venomous threat to you and your skin!
  • Ethyl Alcohol: Drying to even the most overactive sebaceous gland! Helpful Hint: Some alcohols are beneficial and function as preservatives, emulsifiers, antiseptics & solvents. Case in point, Cetyl Alcohol is commonly used as a non-abrasive thickening agent.
  • Soybean Oil/Lanolin Oil (synthetic)/Cottonseed Oil/Coconut Oil: Pore-clogging and just plain irritating! Helpful Hint: Oil-free doesn’t guarantee a product won’t clog your pores. In fact, many oils, such as jojoba and squalane, encourage healthy skin function. To ‘clear’ the confusion, opt for products labeled “non-comedogenic” or “non-acnegenic”.
Natural Skin Shop’s professional grade Chemical Peels, such as the vastly popular Glycolic Acid Peel, renew skin like none other due to the simplistic, yet powerful concentration of premier ingredients. The Natural Skin Shop difference begins with first-class formulations and ends with a beautiful complexion!
Choose Wisely, Natural Skin Shop XOXO Kristina Holland-Natural Skin Shop’s skin savvy writer (& biggest fan!) Feel free to post your blog comments below!

Jan 11, 2010


Say goodbye to the dark ages and eradicate blackheads for good…


Blackheads, medically referred to as “open comedones”, are a pesky and somewhat relentless form of acne. They are particularly prevalent in the villainous “t-zone” where sebaceous glands run rampant. Due to their fixed disposition, they can be rather difficult to resolve or rather dissolve. However, in many ways, blackheads are a less bothersome variety of acne due to the absence of bacteria and inflammation. Blackheads, like all acne, are a direct result of the pore’s inability to efficiently purge trapped dead skin cells and excess sebum. With a little extra push, however, blackheads can become a pore problem of the past!


The best treatment option for blackheads is regular chemical and physical exfoliation. Salicylic acid, a natural exfoliant, penetrates deep into the pore lining to dissolve excess oil, dirt and cellular debris. The oil-soluble properties of this beta hydroxy acid make it a blackhead’s worst enemy!

  • Are blackheads the result of poor hygiene? Is there dirt in my pores?
  • No! Blackheads have a dark appearance due to the oxidation of melanin. When clogged pores are exposed to oxygen, the infamous black tint appears on the surface of the skin. However, once extracted, blackheads often appear to have a yellow/brown hue.
  • Will picking at my blackheads help the condition?
  • Most certainly not! The only missing ingredient in the blackhead recipe for acne is bacteria. Picking at your skin will only increase your chances of acquiring pustules (inflamed acne)
  • Are the mainstream “nose strips” effective against blackheads?
Although they may seem to temporarily alleviate the condition, nose strips actually do more harm than good. More often than not, the tape-like strips remove much more than just clogged pores. They can inadvertently detach hair follicles and even fresh skin! Ouch! Avoid the irritation and instead opt for a pore-clearing Salicylic Peel.

Bye Bye Blackheads, Natural Skin Shop XOXO

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Kristina Holland-Natural Skin Shop’s skin savvy writer (& biggest fan!)

Jan 5, 2010


Don’t hide behind the mask of melasma…let your inner glow take the front row!


You may be wondering why your maternal glow has suddenly turned to the “dark” side. Melasma, also known as “the mask of pregnancy”, is a common skin disorder involving an excess of melanin. Melasma is typically confined to the mid-forehead, cheeks, chin, nose and jawline. The female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, are believed to stimulate the over-production of melanocytes (pigment-producing skin cells). As a result, the epidermis develops patches of darkened skin (hyperpigmenation). Unfortunately, melasma is not limited to the nine months of pregnancy. In fact, it is not limited to women. Although uncommon…even men can develop melasma!


*Hormone Contraceptives
*Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)
*Estrogen Supplements
*Photosensitizing Medications
*Thyroid Dysfunction
*Ovarian Dysfunction
*Genetic Predisposition


Undo the damage of yore with the illuminating TCA skin peel. Renowned by dermatologist for its powerful brightening effects, this potent peel effectively treats the blotchy discoloration associated with melasma. The TCA Peel can also be applied to localized areas of hyperpigmentation. In other words, it can be used to effectively “spot treat” melasma conditions.


Although the root cause of melasma varies from person to person. The trigger remains the same: UV radiation! Sun exposure is the singular, most-important factor in the development of melasma. Regardless of hormones or genetics, without sunlight, your melasma won’t see the light of day! Broad-spectrum sunscreens, such as Peel Rx Green Tea Anti-Aging SPF 30, ensure your skin will be melasma-free for all of eternity!

Life’s a beach! So, please don’t forget your sunscreen!

Peel Safely,
Natural Skin Shop

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Kristina Holland-Natural Skin Shop’s skin savvy writer (& biggest fan!)

Jan 4, 2010


Ring in the New Year with Natural Skin Shop and say goodbye to problematic skin!

Over the last year, your skin has been exposed to a wide range of skin-debilitating agents. UV radiation, stress, pore-clogging cosmetics and environmental toxins can all wreck havoc on an otherwise healthy and “normal” complexion. Tally up the negative assaults and your skin will know (and show) the difference…


Don’t let your skin fall victim to the unfavorable effects of ‘pore’ dermal regeneration. Regular exfoliation maintains a healthy complexion by accelerating the skin’s natural turnover rate. Let your complexion sparkle and shine this year with the aid of Natural Skin Shop’s Chemical Peels. Skin-repairing Skin Peels retaliate against clogged pores (comedones), photodamage and the adverse signs of aging by encouraging healthy, new cellular proliferation.


*Thou Shall Wash Thy Face Before Bed

Even non-comedogenic cosmetics (e.g.: mineral makeup) can seep into your pores as you sleep soundly (and blissfully unaware) all through the night! Before you catch some much-needed Z’s, be sure to thoroughly remove residual oil, makeup and debris with a PH balanced cleanser such as Peel Rx Green Tea Cleanser

*Thou Shall Not Expose Thyself to UV Radiation

Harmful UVA and UVB rays can break down collagen and elastin fibers thereby prompting an unhealthy complexion plagued by wrinkles, acne and hyperpigmentation. Be sure to protect the health and vitality of your skin by habitually utilizing broad-spectrum sunscreen…come rain or shine!

*Thou Shall “Take It Easy”

Stress is one of the chief culprits responsible for pre-mature aging, acne, rosacea, etc, etc, etc. The list could go on and on due to the hazardous effects of stress on the body. Take a breather from time to time for you and your skin’s sake… (Hint: Simply catching up with a loyal friend can relieve stress and anxiety…)

3…2…1… GLOW!!!

You’ve set your goals and you’re ready to get started on the New Year! Another year is here for you to get it right! Maybe you have decided to exercise more frequently, drink more water or consume healthier foods (NSS recommends all of the above). Either way, the New Year brings a fresh start to your lifestyle, your dreams… and of course your skin! Get started and don’t hold back…you have some imperative glowing to do!


“N”othing can stop you from smiling! Remember that a positive attitude is your best (and most valuable) asset. Set your goals and follow your heart. Your inner glow will shine through…even on a cloudy day!

“A” apple a day! Whichever fruit you choose, increasing your daily intake will impart instant radiance! Many fruits, such as pomegranate and acai, are packed full of skin-nourishing antioxidants. Be good to yourself on the inside and out…

“T”rust your instincts. A dermatologist or aesthetician can give you ALL the latest skin know-how and advice, but only YOU truly know the skin you’re in… What works for one individual, may not work for you. Determine your skin type, know your sensitivities and invest in quality skin care…the rest is up to your skin!

“U”ndo the damage…Investing in a commitment to beautiful skin begins with renewal. Step 1: Peel the years away! In the skin-peeling world, Glycolic Acid Peels are an excellent first-step for those who are new to the rejuvenating process of Chemical Peels.

“R”eprimand the hazards of life. Smoking, stress, excessive drinking and inadequate sleep are all devastating to your complexion and overall wellbeing. Kick the foul habits and feel free to radiate your newfound health and happiness…

“A”ttention to detail. You may not notice how many times you rest your hand or cell phone upon your face, but seemingly trivial habits can become serious problems. Remember to keep bacteria-ridden object (such as your hands, dirty pillow cases or cellular phones) off your delicate skin. Frequently wash bath towels and pillowcases in a non-irritating and fragrance-free detergent.

“L”ove, love, love your skin! You have but only one epidermis! Protect it and nourish it, but most of all…love it! TLC is a necessary constituent for beautiful skin!


Natural Skin Shop


Kristina Holland-Natural Skin Shop’s skin savvy writer (& biggest fan!)

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