Jan 4, 2010


Ring in the New Year with Natural Skin Shop and say goodbye to problematic skin!

Over the last year, your skin has been exposed to a wide range of skin-debilitating agents. UV radiation, stress, pore-clogging cosmetics and environmental toxins can all wreck havoc on an otherwise healthy and “normal” complexion. Tally up the negative assaults and your skin will know (and show) the difference…


Don’t let your skin fall victim to the unfavorable effects of ‘pore’ dermal regeneration. Regular exfoliation maintains a healthy complexion by accelerating the skin’s natural turnover rate. Let your complexion sparkle and shine this year with the aid of Natural Skin Shop’s Chemical Peels. Skin-repairing Skin Peels retaliate against clogged pores (comedones), photodamage and the adverse signs of aging by encouraging healthy, new cellular proliferation.


*Thou Shall Wash Thy Face Before Bed

Even non-comedogenic cosmetics (e.g.: mineral makeup) can seep into your pores as you sleep soundly (and blissfully unaware) all through the night! Before you catch some much-needed Z’s, be sure to thoroughly remove residual oil, makeup and debris with a PH balanced cleanser such as Peel Rx Green Tea Cleanser

*Thou Shall Not Expose Thyself to UV Radiation

Harmful UVA and UVB rays can break down collagen and elastin fibers thereby prompting an unhealthy complexion plagued by wrinkles, acne and hyperpigmentation. Be sure to protect the health and vitality of your skin by habitually utilizing broad-spectrum sunscreen…come rain or shine!

*Thou Shall “Take It Easy”

Stress is one of the chief culprits responsible for pre-mature aging, acne, rosacea, etc, etc, etc. The list could go on and on due to the hazardous effects of stress on the body. Take a breather from time to time for you and your skin’s sake… (Hint: Simply catching up with a loyal friend can relieve stress and anxiety…)

3…2…1… GLOW!!!

You’ve set your goals and you’re ready to get started on the New Year! Another year is here for you to get it right! Maybe you have decided to exercise more frequently, drink more water or consume healthier foods (NSS recommends all of the above). Either way, the New Year brings a fresh start to your lifestyle, your dreams… and of course your skin! Get started and don’t hold back…you have some imperative glowing to do!


“N”othing can stop you from smiling! Remember that a positive attitude is your best (and most valuable) asset. Set your goals and follow your heart. Your inner glow will shine through…even on a cloudy day!

“A” apple a day! Whichever fruit you choose, increasing your daily intake will impart instant radiance! Many fruits, such as pomegranate and acai, are packed full of skin-nourishing antioxidants. Be good to yourself on the inside and out…

“T”rust your instincts. A dermatologist or aesthetician can give you ALL the latest skin know-how and advice, but only YOU truly know the skin you’re in… What works for one individual, may not work for you. Determine your skin type, know your sensitivities and invest in quality skin care…the rest is up to your skin!

“U”ndo the damage…Investing in a commitment to beautiful skin begins with renewal. Step 1: Peel the years away! In the skin-peeling world, Glycolic Acid Peels are an excellent first-step for those who are new to the rejuvenating process of Chemical Peels.

“R”eprimand the hazards of life. Smoking, stress, excessive drinking and inadequate sleep are all devastating to your complexion and overall wellbeing. Kick the foul habits and feel free to radiate your newfound health and happiness…

“A”ttention to detail. You may not notice how many times you rest your hand or cell phone upon your face, but seemingly trivial habits can become serious problems. Remember to keep bacteria-ridden object (such as your hands, dirty pillow cases or cellular phones) off your delicate skin. Frequently wash bath towels and pillowcases in a non-irritating and fragrance-free detergent.

“L”ove, love, love your skin! You have but only one epidermis! Protect it and nourish it, but most of all…love it! TLC is a necessary constituent for beautiful skin!


Natural Skin Shop


Kristina Holland-Natural Skin Shop’s skin savvy writer (& biggest fan!)

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