Dec 28, 2009


Don't let problematic skin turn you into the Grinch this holiday season!

In this case, the Grinch is not a green and grumpy albeit lovable Dr. Seuss character. Instead, this pesky nuisance is renowned for its party-hampering, confidence-downsizing and skin-debilitating capabilities. Medically referred to as a closed or open comedone…it goes by many “off the record” titles! Zit, blemish, pimple…oh my!

The What’s…
The onset of acne is just the beginning. Dealing with the aftermath is half the battle. Get ‘even’ with your skin tone and effectively remove the telltale signs of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation...AKA acne’s footprint! Naturals Skin Shop’s vast assortment of Chemical Peels ensures your complex-ion is even-toned, clear and luminous!

Here are some useful tips to avoid an acne-ridden complexion…
  • Hands off! Do not touch your face unless you want to transfer the slew of bacteria (E. Coli, Staph, Salmonella) from your hands to your pores.
  • Exfoliate! Salicylic Acid is highly recommended for acne-prone skin as it effectively removes pore-clogging debris with ease.
  • Hydrate! External (and internal) dehydration is detrimental to ALL skin types particularly problematic skin. Be sure to avoid dermal dehydration and regularly apply a hyaluronic acid-based product such as MIZU Hydrate Serum-Pure. Don’t forget to drink your H20 as well!

  • Retinol: A derivative of Vitamin A, which accelerates cellular renewal and re-contours ill-shaped pores. (Ashira Retinol Enliven Complex Moisturizer)
  • Vitamin C: A powerful antioxidant with illuminating properties. Effectively addresses pigmentation concerns and clarifies a dull, uneven complexion.
  • Sunscreen: An anti-aging all-star! Broad-spectrum sunscreen protects against ultraviolet radiation thereby preventing hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, sunspots and MUCH MORE!

Let it glow! Let it glow! Let it glow!

Natural Skin Shop
Kristina Holland-Natural Skin Shop’s skin savvy writer (& biggest fan!)

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Dec 21, 2009


Don’t let the ghost of Christmas past haunt your complexion!

We’re all guilty of skin care neglect from time to time. Even seemingly minor mishaps can become a complexion crime! The damaging effects of incidental sun exposure may not be apparent right away, but sooner or later, they will get their way! Invest in the best…let Natural Skin Shop take care of the rest!

*Brown Spots (Hyperpigmentation)
*Fine Lines & Wrinkles
*Thinned Epidermis (A weakened barrier)
*Thickened Dermis (A recipe for acne!)
*Loss of Collagen/Elastin
*Broken Capillaries or “Telangiectasia”
*Overactive Sebaceous Glands (compensating for the loss of hydration in the lipid barrier)

Just like Mr. Scrooge, most of us weren’t acutely aware of the imminent consequences of our present-minded decisions… A scolding hot day at the beach, a bottle of bronzing baby oil and absolutely no sunscreen! Does that flashback to 1985 ring a bell? Unfortunately, the unfavorable (yet highly insightful) reports on sun damage did not surface until after the fact. Although the damage has been done…atonement is but a skin peel away!

Fear not sunbathers… Glycolic Acid Peels are known to counteract the wicked effects of sun damage without impairing your lifestyle (or budget). Glycolic Acid (an alpha hydroxy acid) is a powerful exfoliating agent used to effectively stimulate collagen and elastin production. As a result, Glycolic Acid Peels accelerate the skin’s natural turnover rate and hinder the development of unhealthy skin cells.

Bye Bye 1985!

PS! Diligently apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen all year round to maintain a healthy, even-toned complexion! Opt for a sunscreen infused with antioxidants, such as Peel Rx Green Tea Anti-Aging SPF 30, which defends your skin against the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Natural Skin Shop
Kristina Holland-Natural Skin Shop’s skin savvy writer (& biggest fan!)

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Dec 15, 2009

The Jessner Peel: Cleopatra’s Ancient Beauty Secret Revived

The infamous Queen of the Nile was notorious for her flawless complexion…. and you can be too!


What was Miss Cleo’s secret to clear, beautiful, smooth skin? The answer in short… milk! The beauty queen knew milk was an excellent source of skin-nourishing lactic acid. Historians testify that the ancient Egyptian Queen regularly bathed in various breeds of milk including goat, horse and even donkey! Lactic acid softens, hydrates and renews like none other. Milk really does do the body (and its skin) some good!


Lactic and glycolic acid are both VIP members of the AHA dynasty. Alpha hydroxy acids have been used for centuries to treat a wide variety of skin concerns from the teenage plague known as acne to the old maid’s epidemic…wrinkles! These effective, yet gentle acids rapidly dissolve pore-clogging debris and stimulate the production of ceramides. Natural Skin Shop’s Glycolic Peel 20% is an ideal concentration for those who are new to the a-peeling process of skin rejuvenation!


Cleopatra’s modern-day recipe for beautiful, clear skin would consists of equal parts lactic acid, resorcinol and salicylic acid. Known as the Jessner Peel, this comprehensive blend of skin-renewing agents combats acne and rejuvenates a dull, discolored complexion. Lactic acid renews the surface of the skin and sheds dead skin cells as salicylic acid digs deep into congested pores to clear obstructing comedones. All the while, resorcinol provides a bacteria-free peeling zone.

So go ahead… be the queen of beautiful skin!

Peel Safely,
Natural Skin Shop

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Kristina Holland-Natural Skin Shop’s skin savvy writer (& biggest fan!)

Dec 9, 2009


Just because the economy has hit a record low, doesn’t mean it
has to show. Ensure your skin’s destiny and invest in a
hassle-free commitment to beautiful skin!

Save your hard-earned money, your irreplaceable time and your
priceless skin! Don’t waste precious dollars and cents on an
expensive spa treatment when you can achieve superior results from
home! Besides…who knows your skin better than you? Natural Skin
Shop’s wide array of glycolic peels makes it easy for you to
choose the ideal glycolic peel for your skin type. Remember to always consider
the variables and refer to the FAQ section for additional guidance.

Don’t’ forget to ask yourself some personal peel
*Have I ever received a chemical peel? If so, what were my results?
*What’s my skin type? Am I sensitive, dry, normal, oily or
somewhere in between?
*What are my concerns? Hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, acne,
*Is my lipid barrier impaired? Have I been using harsh exfoliants that
may negatively affect the outcome of my peel?

As for your day at the spa…
During your glycolic peeling session, adequate lighting is required to ensure
proper application. However, after your peel’s triumphant
success over lackluster skin, recharge with some much-needed R&R! Put
your feet up, dim the lights and take a breather. Stress hormones have
been known to negatively affect fibroblast (connective tissue cells).
“Breathe in, breathe out…"
*Spoil your nearest and dearest with a Pampering Peel Party! If the
best part of the spa for you is the quality chitchat time with
friends, invite your closest buds over for a day of luxe indulgence.

Here’s some a-peeling advice!
*Remember to carefully read (and of course implement) peel
*Know thyself! Don’t opt for a peel that is inappropriate or
too strong for your skin type.
*Remember, adequate sun protection is a virtue …(and tanning
beds are a vice!)
*Above all else, approach peels with caution and always spot check
beforehand to ensure compatibility. Be sure to incorporate a daily
dose of nourishing hyaluronic acid into your post-peel skin care
regime. MIZU Hydrate Serum-Pure renews skin like none other with 100%
pure and concentrated, high-grade hyaluronic acid.

Peel Safely,
Natural Skin Shop

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Kristina Holland-Natural Skin Shop’s skin savvy writer (&
biggest fan!)