Dec 9, 2009


Just because the economy has hit a record low, doesn’t mean it
has to show. Ensure your skin’s destiny and invest in a
hassle-free commitment to beautiful skin!

Save your hard-earned money, your irreplaceable time and your
priceless skin! Don’t waste precious dollars and cents on an
expensive spa treatment when you can achieve superior results from
home! Besides…who knows your skin better than you? Natural Skin
Shop’s wide array of glycolic peels makes it easy for you to
choose the ideal glycolic peel for your skin type. Remember to always consider
the variables and refer to the FAQ section for additional guidance.

Don’t’ forget to ask yourself some personal peel
*Have I ever received a chemical peel? If so, what were my results?
*What’s my skin type? Am I sensitive, dry, normal, oily or
somewhere in between?
*What are my concerns? Hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, acne,
*Is my lipid barrier impaired? Have I been using harsh exfoliants that
may negatively affect the outcome of my peel?

As for your day at the spa…
During your glycolic peeling session, adequate lighting is required to ensure
proper application. However, after your peel’s triumphant
success over lackluster skin, recharge with some much-needed R&R! Put
your feet up, dim the lights and take a breather. Stress hormones have
been known to negatively affect fibroblast (connective tissue cells).
“Breathe in, breathe out…"
*Spoil your nearest and dearest with a Pampering Peel Party! If the
best part of the spa for you is the quality chitchat time with
friends, invite your closest buds over for a day of luxe indulgence.

Here’s some a-peeling advice!
*Remember to carefully read (and of course implement) peel
*Know thyself! Don’t opt for a peel that is inappropriate or
too strong for your skin type.
*Remember, adequate sun protection is a virtue …(and tanning
beds are a vice!)
*Above all else, approach peels with caution and always spot check
beforehand to ensure compatibility. Be sure to incorporate a daily
dose of nourishing hyaluronic acid into your post-peel skin care
regime. MIZU Hydrate Serum-Pure renews skin like none other with 100%
pure and concentrated, high-grade hyaluronic acid.

Peel Safely,
Natural Skin Shop

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Kristina Holland-Natural Skin Shop’s skin savvy writer (&
biggest fan!)


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