Jan 11, 2010


Say goodbye to the dark ages and eradicate blackheads for good…


Blackheads, medically referred to as “open comedones”, are a pesky and somewhat relentless form of acne. They are particularly prevalent in the villainous “t-zone” where sebaceous glands run rampant. Due to their fixed disposition, they can be rather difficult to resolve or rather dissolve. However, in many ways, blackheads are a less bothersome variety of acne due to the absence of bacteria and inflammation. Blackheads, like all acne, are a direct result of the pore’s inability to efficiently purge trapped dead skin cells and excess sebum. With a little extra push, however, blackheads can become a pore problem of the past!


The best treatment option for blackheads is regular chemical and physical exfoliation. Salicylic acid, a natural exfoliant, penetrates deep into the pore lining to dissolve excess oil, dirt and cellular debris. The oil-soluble properties of this beta hydroxy acid make it a blackhead’s worst enemy!

  • Are blackheads the result of poor hygiene? Is there dirt in my pores?
  • No! Blackheads have a dark appearance due to the oxidation of melanin. When clogged pores are exposed to oxygen, the infamous black tint appears on the surface of the skin. However, once extracted, blackheads often appear to have a yellow/brown hue.
  • Will picking at my blackheads help the condition?
  • Most certainly not! The only missing ingredient in the blackhead recipe for acne is bacteria. Picking at your skin will only increase your chances of acquiring pustules (inflamed acne)
  • Are the mainstream “nose strips” effective against blackheads?
Although they may seem to temporarily alleviate the condition, nose strips actually do more harm than good. More often than not, the tape-like strips remove much more than just clogged pores. They can inadvertently detach hair follicles and even fresh skin! Ouch! Avoid the irritation and instead opt for a pore-clearing Salicylic Peel.

Bye Bye Blackheads, Natural Skin Shop XOXO

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Kristina Holland-Natural Skin Shop’s skin savvy writer (& biggest fan!)


baby eczema said...

Your diet should be composed of vegetables and fruits with high quantities of vitamin A and C. This will help you to maintain radiant skin over years.

sudhir kumar raju said...

Salicylic acid benefit are its anti-inflammatory qualities that stand for BHAs safety and effectiveness.

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Spunk works wonders straight from the source!

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