Jun 8, 2010

What Makeup Should You Use?

Always wanted to know which foundations to use and how they should be applied? Don't know which type of foundation you should be using for your skin type?

We all wear makeup at one point or another so we need to know! Here are some of Natural Skin Shop's Tips and favorite foundation products.

Normal/Dry Skin  
Our favorite liquid foundation is the Serious Skin Care Profirm Foundation which is very light and will give you a great glow. A liquid foundation is best for a dry skin or normal skintype.

Applying Liquid Foundation

 Liquid foundation is best applied with a sponge or foundation brush for an even, flawless look. A translucent powder can be used to set the foundation or a foundation powder for added coverage. Sponges should are for single use only and your brush should be washed after every application.

Applying Oil-based Foundations

 Oil based foundations can be applied to slightly damp skin for more glide and a non-goopy application. Water based foundations serve their purpose (for oily skin types), but tend to be chauky and dont wear long.

Sensitive Skin  
Wet/dry powder foundations serve as both a foundation and touch up powder.  Palladios natural rice dual wet/dry uses rice powder instead of talc for those with more sensitive skin or talc allergies. It's avaliable at Sally's for only $10.

If you are looking to spend more money Lancomes Dual Finish is a great alternative. (Note: This foundation/powder has a heavy fragrance).

Applying Powder Foundations
Powder foundations are best applied with a sponge, either wet or dry, in a patting motion. Sweeping it on may cause streaking when the powder dries (wet application). A foundation brush can also be used but practice makes perfect with this one. If you find that using a powder foundation wet makes your skin feel dry once it sets, you can try using a very light, water based moisturizer to mix with the powder.

Problematic Skin- Heavier Coverage
Mineral foundation is a great choice for problematic skin, skin needing heavier coverage without having heavy layers, or those seeking a long wearing makeup that doesnt transfer. Mineral foundation can be irritating to some people so try to sample first if possible (let the counter people apply for you so you can learn the tecnique and wear it all day to check for irritation). Mineral foundations also offer the added benefit of sun protection.

Laura Mercier is our favorite for problematic skintype.This should be used with a primer and finishing powder for that undetectable flawless look.

Applying Mineral Powder
The brushes you use for this foundation are very very important. Make sure they are designed for mineral powder application. Pour a small amount into the cap and apply the foundation by rubbing the brush on your skin in a circular motion.

No matter which you choose, all foundation looks best on properly primed and healthy skin....the better shape your face is in, the better your make up looks. Use good skin care!
Tips When Picking a Foundation
  • Look for foundations that come from a reputable company,
  • Have added skin care benefits such as anti-oxidants or spf,
  • Sample as much as you can so that you dont waste money on products you end up hating,
  • Find the tecnique for application that works best for you
  • Make sure you are wearing the right shade!!
Tips for Pimply Skin
  • Use only medicated antiseptic foundation and face powder which help to heal as well as flatter the complexion.
  • More emphasis should be put on the use of lipstick and eye makeup in order to draw attention to your eyes and mouth so that your pimpled skin is less noticeable.


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