Jun 9, 2010

Tips & Tricks By Ginger: Puffy Eyes

Do strangers ever call you “the bag lady” and not because of the trendy shopping bags you carry in your hands, but instead referring to the bags that lug around under your eyes? Fear not. Puffy eyes are all-too-common, especially when everyone is always on the go. Check out these tips and tricks to minimize the look of puffy eyes.

Tip #1: Get Behind a Cause
The first step in treating your eyes is finding out what’s making them puffy. Many factors from genetics to allergies can be the culprit. If you wear contact lenses, you may find that simply switching them out for fresh frames will diminish those bags. Sleep deprivation, stress and alcohol use are also common causes of puffiness.
Trick #1: Prevention
If lack of sleep is making your eyes bulge, then do your best to get at least the recommended eight hours of rest each night. Limiting your alcohol intake—especially on the weekends when the tendency to drink is increased—and exchanging your shot glass for a bottle of water will also greatly decrease your chances of waking up with puffy eyes. The stress factor can be prevented by merely doing things you love or that release endorphins. Regular exercise reduces both physical and emotional stress.

Tip #2: Exercise Those Baby Blues
Blue, green, brown, whatever! The color of your eyes doesn’t matter, but what does matter is that you rotate your eyes in clockwise and counter clockwise directions to help alleviate the puffy appearance.
Trick #2: Elevate and Compress
While exercising your peepers, elevate your head on a few pillows to keep any fluids from pooling under your eyes. In this position you can also use our All Eyes, which is great at de-puffing and moisturizing the area surrounding your eyes.

Tip #3: Get Your Retinol Fix
Retinol is an ingredient found in many eye creams and for good reason.  A Retinol-based product is recommended to promote healthy cells around your eyes that revitalize your skin. 

Trick #3: Less Puff, More Firm
Our Retinol Advanced Eye Complex absorbs quickly and includes Hyaluronic Acid for anti-aging. It is best to apply a cream like this just before bed. The skin around your eyes will appear smoother and firmer with consistent use.

If you don’t want the hassle of puffy eyes then try some preventive tips. Reducing those puffs can be done in treatments that are effortless. And remember, no one wants to be called the bag lady.


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