Jun 11, 2010

Basic Skincare: Simple as Breakfast

When it comes to basic skin care there are three things to remember: Grapes, Raisins, and Corn Flakes. What do fruit and cereal have to do with skin you may ask, well let us go through it together shall we? 

Think of your skin in layers. Three layers.The top layer being the crunchy cornflakes, the middle full of wrinkly raisins, and the bottom, most precious layer filled with moist, juicy grapes. 

Now that you’ve got that scrumptious image in your mind, let’s shift our thinking from eating those cornflakes to exfoliating them away. 
Layers of Skin

The grapes, raisins, and cornflakes represent the cells in the layers of your skin. The skin cells in their original form are plump and juicy just like fresh picked grapes. 

As time goes by those grape-like cells are exposed to the sun, wind, pollutants, stress and other unavoidable hazards and slowly begin to take the form of wrinkly, dry raisins. Sadly, some of those wrinkly raisin cells dry up completely to form that top layer of skin cells we will refer to as cornflakes. With this imagery in mind basic skin care couldn’t be more simple. 
Steps to Basic Skin Care

The first step is to exfoliate those dry cornflake cells away as they appear. This will be approximately 3 times a week with gentle daily cleanses in between. Once the flakies are gone, the wrinkly raisins are fully exposed with the plump grapes right underneath them. 

The next goal is to plump up the wrinkly raisins with a good facial moisturizer and slow down the aging of the grapes by applying a skin protectant loaded with sunscreen. That’s it. That is the grape, raisin, and cornflake method to having soft, moist skin no matter what stage of life your in.

Everyone, young and old, have these different layers of skin and the trick to basic skin care is to just care for each layer. Scrub off the cornflakes, moisturize the raisins, and protect the grapes.


Traci - Healing Touch Spa said...

I just love this - I'm learning, having fun, and doing a scavenger hunt all at once!

I'm putting all this information on my Facebook Group page "I Need a Facial". Everyone needs to know this stuff!!/group.php?gid=91201786314

Thank you!

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