May 24, 2010

Mythbuster Monday: Does Toothpaste REALLY Help Clear Up Acne?

Toothpaste. It's used daily in every household. But what we want to know is can it be used on your face  to clear up acne.

The answer is Yes, well technically....

When toothpaste is applied to the pimple, it dehydrates it and absorbs oil. The  alcohol which aids the drying of the spot and fluoride which produces burning, can be a deadly combination for sensitive skin.
BEWARE, it can result in burns, extremely dry and flaky skin, and irritation.

If you do decide to risk it, make sure you only use a basic white paste NOT gel, with as little fluoride as possible.

So while technically the myth is actually the truth, we DO NOT recommend it. Think about it...should you really put that goop on your skin, much less your face? It's primary use is to clean your bacteria ridden mouth, it can't be a good product for your skin. 

Instead of using toothpaste, a good substitute would be a Salicylic 2% Daily Exfoliator for before breakouts for a preventative measure. For when you are already dealing with those “pesky pimples” use Lumirance Treatment Serum. Apply it to the troubled area several times a day, and it works like magic. Poof, your problem spot is GONE! You can find these products and more at

So why don't we just save the toothpaste for brushing those pearly whites and leave clearing your acne to the skincare professionals.


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