Jul 12, 2010

Mythbuster Monday: Does a Day at the Beach Help Your Skin?

The sun is high, the breeze is warm, and the temperature is hot. This is a perfect day to go to the beach!

We all know how much fun it is to spend a day at the beach, but have you ever wondered what good (or bad) affects it could have on your skin. 

If you have ever had questions about salty ocean water and sunshine, know that there are positives and negatives associated with a day at the beach. To help you understand some of these affects here are some of the pro’s and con’s.

Salt water can be very helpful in the treatment of skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis. Certain research suggests that a swim in the ocean can help reduce inflammation and infection associated with atopic eczema. As for psoriasis and the itchy skin associated with it, ocean water can help with the removal of dead skin cells which is often the cause of the skin’s itchiness. 

Acne sufferers are a third group who have also been said to find relief after a day at the beach. If you do suffer from acne, the sunshine produces sweat—which cleanses the pores—and provides a subtle drying affect for the skin.

Ocean water helps reduce inflammation and kills surface skin bacteria. If you have no skin issues, a day at the beach is still great. Ocean water is an inexpensive replactement a day at the spa. Plus, the sunshine is just a great mood enhancer.

Too much salt or sun can lead to overly dry, dehydrated skin, and can cause premature wrinkles.
At the extreme end of the spectrum, skin disorders and cancer can result from overexposure to the sun. 

To prevent many of the harmful effects from the sun while at the beach, a high SPF waterproof sunscreen is highly suggested. Try Neutrogena’s Fresh Cooling Body Mist Sunblock SPF 30. Unlike creams, the mist allows for an even coverage, and even a cooling sensation as applied to the body. Remember to reapply after a swim, or every couple of hours.
Overall, the combination of sunshine and ocean water (or just salt water) is a great idea to try several times a month when the weather is warm. So the next time you wonder if you should spend a day at the beach, go, just remember moderation and good judgment is key!


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