Jul 2, 2010

Shower Tips and Tricks by Ginger

Are you maximizing your shower time to get optimal results for your skin and hair?  Here are Ginger’s tips and tricks for getting the most benefits from your shower.

1.) Lukewarm water is best.  Hot steamy showers may feel nice but hot water can be very drying to both your skin and your hair.  It can also dilate capillaries, making broken blood vessels appear worse and leaving your skin looking flushed and red.  If you need a blast of hot water do it only on your shoulders right before you get out and follow it by a blast of cool water.

2.) Your shampoo and facial cleanser should be left on for at least one minute.  This gives them time to penetrate and breakdown oil, sebum, makeup, styling products, and effectively cleanse your skin and hair.

3.) As you are working the shampoo into your hair, give yourself a stimulating scalp massage. This will not only help remove any dirt and buildup from your hair, it will help stimulate hair growth and relieve stress at the same time.

4.) Conditioner should be left on for at least 2 minutes to penetrate the hair shaft and properly hydrate the hair. A cool blast of water for the final rinse will seal the hair cuticle leaving a beautiful shine to dull hair.

5.) Run a comb through your hair right before you rinse out your conditioner instead of while applying the conditioner.  This will prevent hair breakage and aide in detangling.

6.) Turn off the water while you are shampooing, cleansing, conditioning, and/or shaving to prevent the excess water from drying out your skin (and save on your water bill!)

7.) Keep your body moisturizer in your shower and apply it after your skin has been towel dried and is still slightly damp.  This will lock in the moisture and give you better hydration.

8.) Apply a few drops of aroma therapy oil to your towel before you get in the shower for spa like pampering when you get out.

Follow these simple tips every time you shower and your skin and hair will thank you.


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