Jul 14, 2010

Ginger's Tips & Tricks: Squalane Oil

One of my favorite products is Natural Skin Shop’s Squalane Moisturizer. Since I began using this product my face has never felt better. Now what exactly is Squalane you ask?

Squalane Oil is 100% plant based, and is derived from olives. (Bet you didn’t know the fruit you put in your martini, helps your skin). This moisturizer has almost the same molecular structure found in the natural oils in babies’ skin, which is why this hydrating product, Squalane, is nature’s perfect moisturizer.

What Squalane does:

-Helps retain moisture and boosts cell regeneration.
-It can rapidly and completely permeate the skin, and reduce signs of aging.
-Deactivates free radicals that are produced from UV exposure.

Benefits of Squalane:

-It is odorless and colorless. Won’t leave behind any smell, or any color stains.
-Ideal for sensitive or allergy prone skin due to it’s pure qualities.
-It has antibacterial qualities.
-Similar to products such as Vitamin A and Retinol.
-Squalane aids the healing process, soothing and calming irritated and inflamed skin. (Skin conditions such as eczema and allergy rashes.)
-Safe for children because it is chemical and preservative free (it is self preserving).

Tips on How To Use Squalane:

-Used to stimulate the healing process after microdermabrasion, laser, peels, and exfoliation.
- Facial Moisturizer.
- Body Moisturizer.
-To relieve chapped lips
-As cuticle oil
-As a moisturizing booster mixed in with your daily moisturizer during the winter months.
-People with dry skin can apply a couple drops to their skin to help their makeup glide on smoother.
-Can put it on dry hair for hydration and shine or mixed with your conditioner for added moisture.
-Can use it to moisturize dry skin and calluses on your feet.
-Mix with Hyaluronic Serum for a pure, natural moisturizer.

Overall Squalane is such a versatile hydrating prodct that aids a lot of different skin conditions. Try it today!


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