Jul 29, 2010

Sunburn Tips & Tricks by Ginger

In the midst of a hot summer we thought it appropriate to share some tips and tricks on how to deal with those nasty sunburns:

Start by taking a cool shower.  This should give you some immediate relief. Then apply a healing, hydrating, soothing serum like 100% aloe Vera gel or a Green Tea Antioxidant Moisturizer serum.

Of course, drink lots of water and take anti-inflammatory oral pain relievers or acetaminophen.

Tip: If your sunburn is bad enough to result in blistering, avoid opening blistered skin. If the blisters do open, apply a barrier cream or ointment to prevent infection and irritation.

Trick: Wear loose, nonabrasive, breathable fabrics like cotton. This is a great trick to avoid a long and painful day with a sunburn at the office.

Tip: Sunburn relief products are okay as long as they are in a cream or gel formula.  Most sprays contain butane which is counter productive for the healing skin.

Tip: DO NOT use loofahs, scrubs, retin a, retinol, or any other exfoliating agents until the skin has completely healed.

Trick: Gently pat skin dry after cleansing, do not rub the irritated or peeling skin.

Tip: DO NOT apply self tanner to the uneven peeling skin. Self tanner will stick to peeling skin and make it look worse.

Trick: If you must go outside while you have a sunburn wear a high broad spectrum SPF.

Tip: If you have a fever, excessive swelling, headache, nausea, or the skin becomes deep red or purplish then you should see your doctor.

Tip: Do NOT apply and mentholated or alcohol products to the skin it may make it feel better at first but it will further dehydrate the skin and cause more peeling.

We hope these tips and tricks help keep your skin feeling and looking healthy!  Remember we are still hosting the Skincare Blogger Wars so CLICK HERE to find out how you can win lots of skincare products!


Caitlin said...

The tips and tricks are really very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

Jane in N.H. said...!/Jane.Lesinski.Toumpas Last day of the Blogger Wars! Check out my latest about you guys :)

baby eczema said...

Thanks for these tips, I may try this at home. This is an inexpensive way to get away of those painful sunburn.

Anonymous said...

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