Jul 26, 2010

Skincare Giveaways

With one week behind us everyone at Natural Skin Shop is excited to give away skincare products for yet another week. Today we will be giving away skincare kits, each valued over $100.00 to four lucky bloggers.  All you have to do is write a blog post about Natural Skin Shop and link to the website (

Your blog post can be about almost anything, including sharing this contest with your subscribers.  Pictures, reviews and your opinions about Natural Skin Shop are all ways to get you closer to winning the big grand prizes....CASH and personalized skincare kits.

To make things even more interesting we will give away a fifth prize today.  To qualify for this prize simply subscribe to this blog.  At the end of the day we will pick one of the subscribers to win....isn't that easy!

Be one of our five winners today....subscribe to this blog and write your own blog post about Natural Skin Shop. Every blog post is qualified to win, no matter how short the post. The only requirement is that somewhere in the post you link to Natural Skin Shop's website. CLICK HERE to read all the rules.....



Jane in N.H. said...

I just posted something on my facebook page about your wonderful products

I was at a wedding this weekend in the heat of Maryland ( 103 )and my skin looked fantastic becuase of the products of yours that I have been using . THANK YOU!!!

icefairy said...

I'm already in the contest. I'd love to subscribe to your blog for an extra chance to win, but can't find a subscribe button anywhere on your site. I'm following you on Google Friends Connect. Hope that counts. Look forward to trying your products. Thanks! said...

Yes it does!

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