May 26, 2010

Tips & Tricks By Ginger: And a Special Gift For You

So here I sit, 5 days before turning 40.  I should be depressed, freaking out, or in a moderate psychotic meltdown.  Strange enough, i am perfectly serene and happy.  I have genetics on my side.  Maintaining a youthful appearance, or staving off the aging process, is 50% up to your parents and 50% dictated by your lifestyle.  Dont get me wrong, I have done some very naughty things to my skin over the years.  I've also been fortunate enough to use top shelf skin care products since my mid-20's, thereby balancing out some of that damage.  This should offer hope to those who got the short end of the stick in the genetic area.

Prevention is vital and can easily be accomplished via excellent an skin care regime that contains anti-oxidants, hyaluronic acid, mild aha's and good barrier protection with spf. Once the prevention phase passes you by, usually around the late 30's to early 40's, you will want to transition to corrective products that help support the skin structure and function.  When you really think about every one you know in their early 40's, you get a very diverse picture of people. 

Why do some people look 60 when they have only racked up 40 years worth of miles and others look much much younger than their age?  have a look at their gene pool and their skin care products.  My mom will be happy to tell you the story about the day she came to pick me up from high school and they asked for her id because they though she was my sister trying to get me out of classes for the day.  you can also ask her what, at 58 and extensive exposure to the sun for most of them, products she is using to make her skin glow like it does.


I, in great appreciation of the fact that i dont look or feel 40, wanted to share my fortune with YOU!  Just go on over to my Facebook profile, become my friend and wish me a happy birthday. If you could also "like" Natural Skin Shop's Fanpage that would be GREAT! I will pick 40 of my Facebook Friends to give some of my most favorite Natural Skin Shop products to and will announce who won on next week's Ginger's Tips & Tricks blog post.


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