May 14, 2010

Men Get Ingrown Hairs Too

Calling all men! Relief from ingrown facial hairs. ( Calling all ladies! How to get your guy to take care of his skin.)

I recently posted a story about helping my husband end his battle with ingrown facial hair and found out that many other women have similar stories. Like a lot of men, my husband’s ingrown facial hairs get red, infected, and often leaves dark spots on his skin once they are gone. I thought that once I introduced him to facial scrubs the problem would be solved but I soon found that not only was it difficult to get him to use it, but he was also not using it properly. It was definitely time for his first facial peel.

I was expecting to be greeted by strong resistance but he actually loved it! I had to practically force him to rinse it off. His response—“Oh, this is good!” He followed this by using my night cream (Mizu Hydrate Fight Cream)and he was in heaven. Now my rough and tough, manly man husband is using chemical peels and night cream and today I spoke to a client who had literally chased her husband around the house, TCA peel in hand, until he finally let her put it on his face. The result? He immediately told her to call me and order one for him and reminded her again first thing the next morning.

There are easy steps that guys can take to prevent and treat ingrown hairs and the dark spots left behind.

  1. Use a microdermabrasion scrub BEFORE shaving to get the closest shave possible. You can continue to use this 2-3 times a week to keep that top layer of dead skin off that the ingrown hairs are getting caught in.
  2. If this doesn’t solve the problem then a daily salicylic or glycolic exfoliant and/or a bi-weekly peel should do the trick, don’t worry guys—it’s as easy as applying them to your face and then rinsing them off. I recommend the AHA Kojic peel/exfoliant because it will exfoliate the skin and help fade the dark spots. 
  3. Guys will also love the Green Tea SPF 30+ Moisturizer to use daily. It’s very light weight, has a matte finish, and gives them the antioxidants and sun protection that their skin needs (and don’t worry, it won’t make you smell like a girl).

    Kristen is a licensed esthetician and has been working in the beauty industry for over 9 years. Through many years of experience and continuous training she has acquired extensive knowledge in the skin care field. She loves educating her clients and helping people look and feel their best!


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      Using a shaving cream or a serum would really help to avoid getting cuts and ingrown hair.

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