Feb 15, 2010


Kristina Holland-Natural Skin Shop’s skin savvy writer (& biggest fan!)

*Be sure to thoroughly wash away mineral makeup before hitting the sack!

Even so-called “makeup so pure, you can sleep in it” is not a healthy choice for most skin types. While you sleep, your skin works to renew itself. Opt for ingredients, such as vitamin-A and hyaluronic acid, which aid in the PM cellular renewal process. Just because you may be able to get away with sleeping in mineral makeup from time to time, doesn’t mean it should become a habit! Thoroughly remove makeup and additional debris with a PH-balanced, skin-softening cleanser such as Peel Rx Brightening Cleanser.

*Choose wisely and approach ALL makeup with caution!
Mineral makeup doesn’t guarantee a beautiful finish nor does it guarantee clear skin. Like any foundation or powder, choosing a formula that’s right for your skin type is half the battle. The second stage of the melee is correct makeup application and removal! The soothing, anti-inflammatory properties of zinc oxide can turn irritating and occlusive in a matter of days if applied with a heavy hand. By the same token, be sure to thoroughly remove ever last bit of makeup-residue with a gentle exfoliating toner such as Glycolic Peel Rx Advanced Toner Mist. To further prevent cosmetic acne, maintain a regular peeling regimen with the aid of chemical peels. Skin peels work to renew the surface of the skin (and beyond) by sloughing off pore-clogging debris and excess dead skin. Hello gorgeous!

*“Test out” mineral makeup before a big event to ensure its right for you!
Due to mineral makeup’s high concentration of physical sunscreens, a white cast is often distastefully unveiled by a camera’s flash. Always experiment with mineral makeup before the “big day” to ensure your complexion doesn’t go from glowy to pasty and gray with the click of a button.

Be A Natural Beauty,
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