Feb 1, 2010


  • ‘H’umidify! The worst threat to your skin may not be the arid weather conditions outside. A skin-debilitating predator lurks indoors…possibly at your home or office! Indoor heaters can wreck havoc on the skin’s ability to retain adequate moisture levels. A humidifier can significantly decrease your chances of dermal dehydration by restoring necessary humidity back into the air.
  • ‘A’pply Sunscreen! Earmuffs…check! Mittens…check! Sunscreen? Not so much… Many individuals fail to apply sunscreen on a regular basis during the winter season. However, the ultraviolet rays of winter can be just as powerful (and damaging) as those of summer or spring… (Hello snow-glare!) UV radiation exposure accelerates the loss of collagen and debilitates the skin’s ability to renew itself. Take a cue from the following well-known verse: “I’ve got sunshine…on a cloudy day”. The Temptations understood the conundrum of harmful UV radiation on an overcast winter day. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen, such as Peel RX Green Tea Anti-Aging SPF 30+Moisturizer, to ward off intracellular dehydration and the proliferation of cellular buildup.
  • ‘P’repare in advance! The weather has a tendency to be unpredictable…hot one day, cool the next! Keeping a watchful eye on your skin will protect it from the ups and downs of this rollercoaster ride known as the winter season. Tweaking your daily regimen from time to time may be necessary to avoid an imbalance. Invest in a night cream, such as Peel Rx Green Tea Antioxidant Moisturizer Cream, which will nourish and revitalize dry, damaged skin.
  • ‘P’ure Skin Care! Conserving your skin’s water reserve is crucial for its wellbeing! To sustain a clear and supple complexion, avoid substandard skin care ingredients such as harsh detergents, dyes and preservatives. A skin care regimen consisting of pure, high-grade product formulations will prevent unnecessary irritation and dryness from the get-go...
  • ‘Y’ing, Yang! A well-balanced lifestyle along with consistent quality skin care and regular exfoliation (I.e.: Chemical Peels) will keep your glow on track! Cardiovascular exercise, antioxidant-rich foods and ample sleep are all constituents for beautiful, healthy, youthful-looking skin.

PS: Evaporation dehydrates skin…fast! Promptly towel dry after a lukewarm bath or shower… with an emphasis on lukewarm! Extreme water conditions can rob the epidermis of vital moisture.

Have a Winter Wonderland of Glow,
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